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Who are the most important people in your company, the customers or the employees? Who should be the most important people to a company? Companies go to great lengths to communicate ideas to their consumers but shouldn't they put the same effort into talking to their own people on the inside?

Did you know worker bees dance talk? Through the waggling and shaking of their bodies they can communicate the location of food miles away and they don’t stop there. If bees are spreading toxic messages or not going along with the greater bee good, they get a good head butt to warn them that all is not what it seems. Bees have simple internal communication techniques that keep everyone on track.

In the world of business, internal communications always seems the poor relation to external communications. This is so hard to understand when the most important people in any business are the people working in it.

I have worked for so many businesses who communicate widely that the most important person in the business is the consumer. This is underlined by the amount of time, money and energy on communicating to the outside world.

Of course, in these situations, the people in the business are given the title of the most valuable asset of the business and a whole host of HR managed processes and tools are deployed to keep everyone happy.

There is a difference between the most important person and the most valuable asset. Assets are worked and important people are courted. How many times have you been running around because the VIP’s (in all their guises) are coming to visit? How many times has your company made you feel like you are prized in that same way?

So why isn't the art of Google being copied?

Fortune Magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute, named Google the 2014 “Best Company to Work For.” This marked their fifth time at the top of the list. They consistently come top every time you ask a room full of people, “If you could work for any company, who would it be?”, so why isn’t the art of Google being copied?

For those of you who are already thinking “we aren’t Google” like it’s the Holy Grail you just couldn’t attain, listen carefully, Google are no longer a start-up and they have bureaucracy, tough internal competition (the best minds in the world fighting to be the best minds in the world) and bigger targets (not every idea is a good idea anymore), so your opportunity to give people an alternative is now.

At the heart of why people love to and want to work for Google is that every employee is the most important person in that business and they feel it every day. It starts with internal communications, take a lesson from the bees and start a buzz.

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