My TV Showreel

This is my TV Showreel. It's a video of me interacting with clients which was specifically made to sell me as a possible TV show presenter to programme makers. If you would like further information please contact my agent, Red 24 Management.

I still can't believe I have an agent! Paul, Elena and Kerrina are my amazing team at Red 24 Management and although I still think, "Me? Have an agent?" They are an inspiration and push me outside my comfort zone which is how I felt when I made this showreel. It was made to promote me for reality business type programmes so of course they are looking for a level of emotion and response that I probably don't use on an everyday basis! Nonetheless, it does show my tough side and I never shy away from telling the truth or having a strong opinion. When you watch it just remember it is meant to be fun and it was made for TV!

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