Change. Make it Right. Then, make it Better.


It’s my job to help you and your teams spiral up, shine brighter and embrace change that will keep you, your people, and the planet prosperous and healthy. Each solution leads to success, sometimes the choice is about timing, let’s talk about that.



It’s not tedious or slow. Spiral up together using a style that mixes system, vision, and directive coaching.



It’s not about telling you what you already know. Spiral up using my experience and skills to lead on change you want others to follow.



It’s not a waste of your time. Spiral up by adding to your skill set in a way you can affect change.

Successfully delivering human centred change since 2004

Nina has spent over 20 years delivering global complex change projects for several FTSE 100 companies. She developed a method called "A human approach to innovation and change" in 2004 and recently, while studying with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leaders (CISL), evolved that method to support individuals and businesses who want to align their values with their actions in tackling climate change.

Nina's business change focus has always been people, planet and prosperity for all. Nina has a post grad in Strategic Leadership, graduated from the CISL and Meyler Campbell, has a BA (hons) in Business Studies, and is a member of the Climate Coaching Alliance. Her book "99 steps to transform your business" was published by Hodder. Her new book, Change. Make it right. Then, do it better. Will be published later this year.

Experience: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) / New Product Development (NPD) / Supply Chain / Business Evaluation / Change Visioning / Engagement / Adoption / Business Process Re-engineering / Third Party Relationship Management / Communication and Training Strategies / Team Leadership / Benefits Realisation / ROI / Enterprise Systems Implementation / Stakeholder Management to ‘C’ Level / Project Recovery/ Manufacturing / FMCG / Retail / Sustainability / ESG / Climate Change / Circular Economy


Looking forward to visiting the coastline?

Dipping your toes in the water, or perhaps going for a swim? Looking forward to having a seafood or fish lunch or dinner?

The Oceans and Seas that we love to visit face significant challenges; coastal erosion, rising sea levels, warmer and more acidic waters, marine pollution, overexploitation of fish stocks and decrease of marine biodiversity. Following a week of discussions and events in Lisbon, Portugal, the UN Ocean Conference concluded on Friday, with governments and heads of state agreeing on a new political declaration to Save Our Ocean.

Understanding Life Cycles is Naturally Sustainable

Life cycles are real things. All living things have them. We are born, we live and we die. It is strange then that in the world of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) projects, people rarely mention the actual life cycle of the products or of everything else connected to the products.

Where does your Supply Chain End?

The things we eat, the things we use, the things all around our homes come from somewhere. Do you really know where though? Do you know where the components in the computer you are using right now started life? Probably not. The answer might surprise you.

Try and be Forever Curious

How many times do we make a decision based on nothing but our better judgement? We assume we'll hate a certain place, film or that dish of squid in its ink as it looks so awful! And yet, when we let our curiousity win, we can be pleasantly surprised! 

Sustainability is climate change plus

I am a change agent by profession. 25 years and counting, dedicated to change in the corporate world, system thinking is my thing. But, I rarely get to execute it properly because people feel it is easier to focus on THE one thing that will accelerate change. The problem is, it is never one thing and pretending that we have a headline we can all fall behind frustrates people, loses trust and faith that anything will change and usually results in change fatigue.

How can you change the world?

A few years ago there was a great post on the Amnesty International website written by Jessie Mawson, called 10 ways you can change the world today. The 10 things were easy and common sense and I remember thinking that we really do forget how easy it is to change the world. I am recycling Jessies list here, so we can remind ourselves and start ticking them off.

“Nina managed to help us see every potential roadblock as a positive.”
Tom Mulcrow – Director, Seal Films

Tom Mulcrow – Director, Seal Films

Who I’ve worked with

Spot your company name? No, let’s change that! Spot your company name and you don’t know me? Let’s change that too! Give me a call.

PZ Cussons
Spirax Sarco
Royal Bank of Scotland
Walgreens Boots Alliance
Design Council
John West
Manchester Creative & Media Academy
Seal Films
Access Point
Baker Hughes
Transform Your Business (99 Steps To Achieve Success), by Nina Dar

Business transformation is about joining the dots. It’s knowing what you want your business to achieve tomorrow while being honest about what it’s achieving today. It’s a map that everyone in the business can read, so they can see what they are accountable for and what the rules are that dictate if they have got there or not. It’s science and magic.

Get in touch

There are a lot of psychological factors that come into play when delivering change; trust, confidence and the most basic but most important; can we work together? Does that chemistry exist between us to deliver what you need? There is only one way to find out.

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