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We are operating in a business world that is changing, arguably, faster than ever before. In these shape-shifting times, if business leaders don't change, there is a risk of being left behind.

Transform Your Business, by Nina Dar

99 Steps to Transform Your Business

The Cheeky Monkey Method proposes a uniquely human approach to business change. Using an intriguing mixture of science and magic, it focuses on delivering change by creating a map that everyone in the business can read. This invaluable step-by-step method combined with real-world case studies takes the reader through the transformation process in a no-nonsense and entertaining way, turning the traditional idea of business change on its head along the way.

So, do you know you need or want to do something to transform your business but don't know where to start? This book is for you.

“The book is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve success, using case studies from real people who have applied the Cheeky Monkey approach to transform their business.”
Manchester Evening News

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99 Steps to Transform Your Business is available in ebook and paperback formats, and in stock at the following book stores.


Stories I’ve been telling

It Is About You

There will be times when you are lost but can’t tell anyone or show it to your team, knowing that there is nothing left to do but wait without panicking.  This takes courage and is stressful. You need to make sure you look after yourself first.  This isn’t a selfish gesture, it’s about making sure you are OK to look after everyone else.

A Human Process

When you are transforming your company you need to tell a story. The story of your business; where it started, the progress that has been made, the obstacles it faces, the opportunities it strives to capitalise on and how it’s going to do that.

Just keeping up, or making things happen?

It is easy to just plod along doing what you've always done and generally achieving the same results, month in, month out. But what about getting ahead of the game and progressing? Can you really afford to just sit back while the rest of the world races ahead making the necessary changes?  

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There are a lot of psychological factors that come into play when delivering change; trust, confidence and the most basic but most important; can we work together? Does that chemistry exist between us to deliver what you need? There is only one way to find out.

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