Change Management

Change Management

Have you created good or bad change memories? A great interview question! You want someone who has done both so they have felt the difference. Change Experts are responsible for getting into the heads of people, it’s serious. Let me share my experiences with you, either to build your internal team or to add guidance to change you are already delivering, I will ensure it’s a good experience.

Stories I’ve been telling

Employee led ESG strategies will change the world

Since 2004 I've seen, and been part of, a lot of corporate change. With the benefit of hindsight, we now know the long-term consequences of that change. Things we may have thought were ok, have proved to be damaging and have unintended consequences. Some of it was brilliant. We don't have time to gamble on the future changes being hopefully good, we need to make sure change is positive and regenerative

A solar farm at what cost?

Solar farms—just like regular farms—cover large swaths of land, requiring between 3.5 to 16.5 acres per MW of generating capacity. The largest solar plant in the world, the 648 MW Kamuthi facility in Tamil Nadu, India, covers ten square kilometers. But it will be dwarfed by the 3,450 MW facility under construction on China’s Tibetan Plateau, which will span 298 square kilometers when completed. Building these large plants requires fundamentally changing how the land they sit on is used, which—without careful planning—could have negative impacts on the environment and local communities that could potentially lead to conflict (Newsecuritybeat)

Data, can we be sustainable with it or without it?

Research commissioned by Ovo Energy last November suggested that if each person in the UK sent one fewer email a day it could cut carbon output by more than 16,000 tonnes a year. The research claimed that would be the equivalent of more than 80,000 people flying from London to Madrid. It found that the 10 most “unnecessary” emails included messages saying only “thank you”, “appreciated”, “cheers” and “LOL”.

A Thought for Food

“If we are to transform our food systems so that the maximum amount of people can eat nutritious food produced in the right ways, we need to work together, share ideas, pool resources and connect as part of a global food movement. Every voice counts” Patrick Holden CEO of The Sustainable Food Trust

What could Warrington and Los Angeles (LA) have in common?

“Thoughtful actions have a big impact, and there is no time to wait. The goal of this toolkit is to provide support and sample materials for Neighbourhood Council leaders and members to accelerate sustainable action in their communities”. After looking for the Sustainability plan for Warrington, I had a look for one that seemed to engage the community and found that despite the Trump years, Mayor Garcetti, had tried to do that.  

Sustainability is climate change plus

I am a change agent by profession. 25 years and counting, dedicated to change in the corporate world, system thinking is my thing. But, I rarely get to execute it properly because people feel it is easier to focus on THE one thing that will accelerate change. The problem is, it is never one thing and pretending that we have a headline we can all fall behind frustrates people, loses trust and faith that anything will change and usually results in change fatigue.

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There are a lot of psychological factors that come into play when delivering change; trust, confidence and the most basic but most important; can we work together? Does that chemistry exist between us to deliver what you need? There is only one way to find out.

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