Project Management

Project Management

Let me train your Project Leaders to tap into the Human experiences of their team and create an environment and toolkit that will allow them to deliver more. Give them access to Change Experts, like me, that can coach as part of the project process. Encourage distributed leadership, I can show you how that’s more effective than resuscitating burnt out Project Leaders, and you'll see amazing results.

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Choosing a Programme Manager

Choosing a Programme Manager is all about finding someone with the right experience who is capable of leading and managing all the elements – just having the the right technical IT skills simply won't be enough.

Choosing a Project Manager

Project managers need a definite skill set to do the job properly. And more importanly they need the right kind of personality traits. Just having the right skills isn't enough to be able to manage the team they've bulit. Oh, and they need to know how to smile, naturally!

Project Management and Burnout

You're working on a big project, you're giving it all you've got, literally, and then it happens – you get BURNOUT! It is that time when you've expended all the energy you can and you have nothing left to give. It can make you ill but there are ways you can avoid it.

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There are a lot of psychological factors that come into play when delivering change; trust, confidence and the most basic but most important; can we work together? Does that chemistry exist between us to deliver what you need? There is only one way to find out.

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