Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Can I help you build the Human Approach into your Supply Chain? Help with the complex collaboration between people and technology and ensure that relationships are as strong as they can be, perhaps even de-risk a potential hotspot? I have Supply Chain heritage but I’m more excited about what we need to secure the future, are you? 

Stories I’ve been telling

Where does your Supply Chain End?

The things we eat, the things we use, the things all around our homes come from somewhere. Do you really know where though? Do you know where the components in the computer you are using right now started life? Probably not. The answer might surprise you.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchains and Alpaca Socks

As our technological advances leap ahead and new forms of encrypted digital currency are invented I wonder if that same technology could be used to keep checks on all the questionable outsourcing that is going on out there. Surely this would lead to real responsible business practice.

Supply Chain Management needs to lead the big changes

When the biggest of the big businesses and the world's super rich got together to talk about sustainable capitalism there were some great ideas bandied about on corporate responsibility and the need for transparency all the way up and down the line. That line is basically the supply chain and it should be scrutinised at every link.

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There are a lot of psychological factors that come into play when delivering change; trust, confidence and the most basic but most important; can we work together? Does that chemistry exist between us to deliver what you need? There is only one way to find out.

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