Nina: The Change Troubleshooter

Season 1 / Episode 3

Is Change a Team Sport?

In February 2020 Adidas Originals launched a brilliant campaign called "Change is a Team Sport". Nina thought that this was the perfect discussion topic for her catch up with two former Cheeky Monkeys, Yasmin Hurst and Peter Allen. 

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*Please note that this episode was recorded prior to the Coronavirus outbreak when we thought it wasn't going to happen to us! Therefore when Nina states that the biggest thing affecting us all in the UK right now is Brexit, that is obviously not the case now, although it is still a very important topic.

In this episode Nina is joined by Yasmin Hurst and Peter Allen to discuss the question; is change a team sport? which was inspired by the Adidas Originals brilliant campaign called "Change is a Team Sport" to celebrate 50 years since the launch of their iconic Superstar shoes, which have been at the forefront of popular culture ever since.  

For those of you who don't know, the Adidas Superstar is a shoe, trainer or sneaker, depending on where you are from. The campaign was directed by Jonah Hill and it stars old and new Adidas collaborators. There are so many great lines in this short ad, these are my favourites.

We can all do amazing things on our own but together we can do so much more.

We can make things better than they were before by being a teacher in your craft and a student in someone else's

Share your strength and receive strength from your team mates

Most importantly, have fun. If you're smiling you're doing it right.

Delivering change is complicated, it's a mixture of science and magic. A Human Approach to Innovation and Change was developed so that we could try and understand the magic, the human elements that are difficult to identify on balance sheets and profit and loss accounts but are essential if change is to be successful and sustainable. Nina, Yasmin and Pete share their experiences on balancing the role of the individual and the team as well as discussing what every team needs if it's going to deliver change.

Yasmin Hurst

Yasmin Hurst

Yasmin is an accomplished change and project manager. After working with Cheeky Monkey and HB Education, she is now the founder and owner of her own consultancy, Be-ond Ltd.


Peter Allen

Peter Allen

Peter has extensive experience as a change and project manager in both the private and public sectors. Since working with Cheeky Monkey Peter has managed change initiatives in the finance, data, regional development and higher education sectors .

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Season 1

Season 1

In this first season of The Change Troubleshooter podcast, Nina is joined by a variety of people in her discussions. They are people she has worked on projects with from various organisations and people who have worked for her. In episode 2 even her parents get to tell the story of their struggle to overcome the difficulties that being in a mixed race relationship posed in the late 1960s. There are 6 episodes which will be published at 2 week intervals. Each one is related to the overall theme of A Human Approach to Innovation and Change. Nina uses topical content as the centre point of the conversations with her guests.

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