Nina: The Change Troubleshooter

Season 2 / Episode 10

Sustainable You - A Thinking Sabbatical

Today Nina is joined by Amy Rhoda Brown, a Toronto based strategy coach who helps artists and creators who want to begin or expand a creative practice.  To be creative you have to allow your brain to operate in its default network state, basically unstressed. Overloading our brains with constant input and stimulation is counter-productive to peak performance and creativity. If you want to achieve that 'A-ha!' moment, just let your brain be and have a thinking sabbatical. This episode is also available as a video, click here to watch it.

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Amy Rhoda Brown

Amy Rhoda Brown

Amy Rhoda Brown is a Toronto-based strategy coach for artists and creators. She works with people who want to begin or expand a creative practice. Her ulterior motive is to get more people to make more art, because everyone has something to offer and because art helps us connect to ourselves and to each other. Amy believes in justice, sustainability for the planet, and rest and joy for everyone.

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Season 2

Season 2

Last year Nina realised that she wasn't really paying much attention to the subject of sustainability and the growing noise around the subject, so she went on a course. Having completed Cambridge University's Sustainability Management Course earlier this year, she decided to dedicate a whole podcast season to the subject of sustainability.

Nina got in contact and set up Zoom conversations with a varied bunch of great people here in the UK but also in Canada and Los Angeles. 

Recorded on Zoom, due to social distancing, all episodes will be available as videos on Nina's Youtube channel. 

We hope you enjoy listening to/watching them as much as we enjoyed making them!

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