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Season 2 / Episode 5

Can We Be Sustainable With or Without Data?

Welcome to episode 5 of season 2 of The Change Troubleshooter! 

The Sustainability Season.

In today’s episode, Can We Be Sustainable With or Without Data? Nina is joined by  Federico Pettinella, Anders Praestholm and Alan Walker, three guys who work in data technology.

Every time we write an email, take a photo, download something from the web or send a message on Whatsapp, we are creating data. The amount of that data is massive and growing quickly. 

Business and industry create even more data than individuals and it all has to be stored somewhere. This accumulation and storage of data is not free, it comes at a cost, and not just a financial cost – the cost to the environment is considerable, as stored data requires massive amounts of energy to keep all those computers running. 

Our ability to analyse data is essential to good decision making, it’s how we know we have climate change issues but creating and storing too much data make decision making difficult. How do we find the right balance of quality of data, over quantity?

This episode is also available as a video, as it was recorded using Zoom. Click here to watch the video.

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Federico Pettinella

Federico Pettinella

Federico Pettinella is a MSc student at Keele University pursuing a Masters in Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology.

He also works as an Implementation Consultant at eQ Technologic, helping businesses make the most of their data through real-time, secure analytics.

His passion is to design the balance between business, ecological, and social considerations for any future-focused organisation.

Alan Walker

Alan Walker

Alan Walker is the director of customer engagement at eQ Technologic.

Alan's experience is in providing leadership and strategy in partnership with key Customer stakeholders to gain maximum business benefit from investments in enterprise software solutions. This is achieved by his approach to view real business challenges with individual, as well as holistic context. Applying this, he has a breadth and depth of experience across many industries including Aerospace, Defence, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Automotive and Industrial Products. Alan has over 35 years business experience across the these industries.

Anders Praestholm

Anders Praestholm

Anders is the founder of PLMCONCEPT and co-author of the book Business DNA vs. Digitalization & IT. (Release in Q1 2021)

As an Enterprise and Business architect he focusses his work in the area between business and IT in global manufacturing companies.

He is passionate about complete product specifications, Information Backbones and optimization of the business value, which gives access to essential information overviews like Digital Threads, Sustainability, Cost etc

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Season 2

Season 2

Last year Nina realised that she wasn't really paying much attention to the subject of sustainability and the growing noise around the subject, so she went on a course. Having completed Cambridge University's Sustainability Management Course earlier this year, she decided to dedicate a whole podcast season to the subject of sustainability.

Nina got in contact and set up Zoom conversations with a varied bunch of great people here in the UK but also in Canada and Los Angeles. 

Recorded on Zoom, due to social distancing, all episodes will be available as videos on Nina's Youtube channel. 

We hope you enjoy listening to/watching them as much as we enjoyed making them!

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