Season 3 Episode 4

Climate Activism is Nothing New

In today’s world, with all the focus on the global effort to battle climate change and bring down CO2 emissions, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all this activism and attention on the environment was something  new. Far from it. The fight for the planet has been going on for decades. The foot soldiers’ warnings went unheeded for many years, people just weren’t interested in saving, what to them appeard to be, a perfectly healthy planet. It is only now that people are hopefully waking up to the massive changes needed for our very survival.

Steve Charter has spent decades on the frontlines, advising local governments on building and construction policy, among other things. In today’s fascinating episode Nina gets his back story.

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Steve Charter

Steve Charter

Steve Charter is a Sustainability Consultant and runs his own his own company called SC2 Sustainability Consultancy

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