What good leadership looks like in the eyes of Generation Z

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What makes a leader and maybe just as importantly; what makes a leader recognisable to everyone? We did a survey to see which world leaders were recognisable to Generation Z'ers. The results were very interesting indeed!

Following the first TV non debate ahead of the 2015 general election, we have some results of our own poll on what this years newest voters were looking for; Honesty, transparency, reliability and responsibility.

So interesting to see that everyone recognised Margaret Thatcher, when so few knew Jack Ma or Susan Wojcicki.

Although it was agreed the media generally dictate who is recognised, the social awareness of this young group meant that rights movements leaders were recognised disproportionately highly compared to the amount of media coverage they receive.

On that age old question of “are leaders born or made” 66% of people thought both but the understanding that key personality traits help was discussed widely and 8% of people thought that leadership had to be in your DNA.

Not surprising then to find that EVERYONE thought they would be a leader at some point and a huge 40% thought they were already leaders or were at least ready to be.

I was heartened to hear that the biggest challenge they saw would be earning credibility and respect in a world of celebrity and social media influence. I’m sure they are not on their own in thinking that.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our survey.

Nina x

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