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These stories take 5 minutes or less to read. Enough time to give you a mental break from what you are doing and focus on something else, perhaps with a coffee, buttie or glass of wine depending on the time of day. If you are inspired to add to the story please do via Twitter or LinkedIn, looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchains and Alpaca Socks
Disruption Understanding Life Cycles is Naturally Sustainable

Understanding Life Cycles is Naturally Sustainable

Life cycles are real things. All living things have them. We are born, we live and we die. It is strange then that in the world of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) projects, people rarely mention the actual life cycle of the products or of everything else connected to the products.


RBS Turning Workplaces into Fanbases

I was invited to talk at two RBS regional conferences about turning workplaces into fanbases. RBS were preparing for their re-brand to Williams & Glynn amidst constant negativity in the press and a high level of uncertainty. This was a light-hearted look at how being a fan can make a big difference.

Disruption The Exceptional, the Unusual, the Abnormal

The Exceptional, the Unusual, the Abnormal

How can we be normal if actually we are all so very different from each other? If we were analysed a surprising number of us would find ourselves being labelled narcissists or psychopaths! And what was once considered abnormal is now normal and vice versa. Times change and seemingly so do what we call 'norms'.

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