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These stories take 5 minutes or less to read. Enough time to give you a mental break from what you are doing and focus on something else, perhaps with a coffee, buttie or glass of wine depending on the time of day. If you are inspired to add to the story please do via Twitter or LinkedIn, looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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Inspiration Supply Chain Management needs to lead the big changes

Supply Chain Management needs to lead the big changes

When the biggest of the big businesses and the world's super rich got together to talk about sustainable capitalism there were some great ideas bandied about on corporate responsibility and the need for transparency all the way up and down the line. That line is basically the supply chain and it should be scrutinised at every link.

Inspiration The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer

I have never ridden a wave but none of this seems to matter, one day I might. There is something about surfing that captivates me but I'm really rubbish at it. It doesn't stop me trying though. 


Think Big – Growth Through Marketing

Think big was created to give business owners in the North West insight and practical advice on how to grow their companies. Nina joined the team to talk about "Turning Workplaces into Fanbases"

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