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These stories take 5 minutes or less to read. Enough time to give you a mental break from what you are doing and focus on something else, perhaps with a coffee, buttie or glass of wine depending on the time of day. If you are inspired to add to the story please do via Twitter or LinkedIn, looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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Psychology Project Management and Burnout

Project Management and Burnout

You're working on a big project, you're giving it all you've got, literally, and then it happens – you get BURNOUT! It is that time when you've expended all the energy you can and you have nothing left to give. It can make you ill but there are ways you can avoid it.

Psychology The Inner Head Battle

The Inner Head Battle

Resilience is what we need to control our brains and talk ourselves into doing things we'd rather not do. In athletes mental strength is more important than physical strength, so how does that work? I found out at a fascinating lecture given by Juan Coto.

Psychology Do you need more time to think or a thinking environment?

Do you need more time to think or a thinking environment?

It didn’t take me long to realise that I am thinking all the time, I just can’t stop it; my mind is always thinking about something. Time to think isn’t my problem – to really think, the kind of thinking that leads to great things happening, you need a thinking environment.

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