Transcript for Change Management video

Hi, I’m Nina Dar, Change Expert, Business Coach, Founder of Cheeky Monkey Business Solutions and author of Transform Your Business in 99 Steps.

Have you ever scared someone at work? Ever made someone’s day harder than it needed to be? Probably made that person go home and worry about going into work the next day?

I have. I have been responsible for creating bad change memories. We are all hardwired to hate change, it’s there in our brains, we see it, and our response is fight or flight. We plant good and bad memories from our experiences in our brain and they spring back out when we are faced with change again.

As change experts we are responsible for creating those memories. Thankfully, I have created more good memories than bad – what about you? Are you creating good change experiences? Memories that will shape the way people respond to change in the future?

From the creation of global totem poles, 3D treasure maps, to defending eggs, these crazy sounding initiatives tapped into The Human Approach to change and ensured my projects exceeded expectations. They also successfully broke habit and changed behaviour sustainably.

We can all love change; it’s down to the people responsible for it. If you already love change then you should go and thank the people who gave you the positive memories you have planted.

The team I worked with at Zeneca were legends in managing change, thanks to them for shaping the way I love it today.

We can all love change; it’s down to the people responsible for it.

Managing and delivering change is a hard gig, the audience isn’t with you and yet the project goals are. It’s your job to get them onside and get the job done.

Today I use my experience, good and bad, to help businesses and individuals change. Contact me and let’s make great change memories.

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