Transcript for Fan Culture video

Hi, I’m Nina Dar, Change Expert, Business Coach, Founder of Cheeky Monkey Business Solutions and author of Transform Your Business in 99 Steps.

What are you a fan of?

I’m a football fan, I’ve been a fan of loads of bands that don’t need to be named and I’m a fan of work, which for a long time was as equally uncool as some of the bands I followed.

It made me really curious, why are some people a fan of work and others not. This thing that we spend a third of our time doing, how can you do that if you aren’t a fan of what you do?

As a business leader, wouldn’t you want to know if you had employees working for you that weren’t a fan of what they did, or the business they did it for? Wouldn’t you want to sort that out?

I had a chance to work with Steve Smith, a guy who has moved millions of fans through experiential marketing on a project that looked at turning workplaces into fanbases, and our findings were amazing.

The worlds of sport and music have learnt that without fans they are nothing – it’s the fans that keep the machine going and understanding your fan base is essential to future innovation and success.

Understanding your fan base is essential to future innovation and success.

Fan psychology is well documented. Things like these can all be mapped to a workplace. If we had fans in the workplace we would be enjoying all these emotions, better than getting frustrated, feeling unloved and calling in sick.

Bringing fandom into the working world starts with awareness – turning on the fan that is in all of us.

You can’t force someone to be a fan; but wouldn’t you want to make it happen? If so, contact me and let’s talk more.

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