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Hi, I’m Nina Dar, Change Expert, Business Coach, Founder of Cheeky Monkey Business Solutions and author of Transform Your Business in 99 Steps.

Projects are vehicles for delivering change

So, if you are a Project Leader, you are a change expert, right? Well I’m sure we agree you should be, or at least you should have access to a coach, that is.

I’ve been so lucky through my career to have been exposed to thought leading project principles that I still see trending today. Distributed leadership and self-organising teams were part of my projects in the 90s, encouraging entrepreneurship in thinking about the business bottom line, as if it was my own money. This radical approach to delivering innovation took years off the time it takes to deliver drugs from the research lab to the patient.

Everyone stepping up as leader is such an important principle, businesses strangle their own creations by being so strict with project governance that it becomes the focus while not delivering what’s best for the business – sound familiar to you? Every business needs to innovate, even if they just want to stay where they are today.

Every business needs to innovate, even if they just want to stay where they are today.

It’s your choice; either create a structure and a set of processes which echoes, “It’s my way or the highway.” Or train your project leaders to analyse what the business needs, tap into the human experiences of their teams and create an environment and a toolkit that will allow them to deliver more than just a process improvement. Which sounds better to you?

Contact me to talk to me about more flexible, collaborative, project teams, and we can talk about resuscitating burnt out project leaders too.

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