Transcript for Supply Chain Management video

Hi, I’m Nina Dar, Change Expert, Business Coach, Founder of Cheeky Monkey Business Solutions and author of Transform Your Business in 99 Steps.

When you look at any chain, what do you want?

Strength? For it to move without breaking? Security that it will take the load you are about to put on it? No-one wants a weak link, am I right?

When I think back to my supply chain projects in the 90’s It was like I had a magic wand, everything I touched dropped big amounts of money straight to the bottom line, something that made me very popular!

My projects focused on globalisation, creating new manufacturing sites, global teams, distribution networks, basically redefining the business backbone – so exciting and the rewards were massive, it was when that horrible phrase “low hanging fruit” was coined.

But what do you do when that low hanging fruit has gone? When standardisation isn’t what the consumer wants, when globalisation has shifted expectations, when stakeholders want to continue to get those savings?

More diversity in Supply chains perhaps? How about the need to be more dynamic, creative, and adaptable to change? Different things start to matter, don’t they; Trust, collaboration, open innovation and the technology to support it.

Globalisation brings with it uncertainty, we can’t control everything that happens in the world, technology can’t take the risk out of everything ­– The Human Approach is still key.

Technology can’t take the risk out of everything ­– The Human Approach is still key.

That’s my supply chain focus today – helping businesses build in that human approach, ensuring those bonds are as strong as they can be but at the same time dynamic, alert, and able to respond wherever that weak link may surface in the world.

Contact me and tell me, when you look at your supply chain what do you want?

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