Season 3 Episode 5

Are We Learning for the 22nd Century?

David Hollands has been an entrepreneur since he was a schoolboy. He has had a whole host of businesses.  Around 20 years ago he observed that people were losing their connection with community based living and nature. He built a whole village in Bulgaria and hopes that will lead to a new form of community. He challenges that the teachings of universities are becoming irrelevant and believes that we will move towards the principles of Ikigai focusing more on what we love, and how we can earn money to survive.  He often asks the question “what will you do when the internet is turned off?” 

In this thought provoking episode of the Change Troubleshooter, he tells Nina his story and they chat around the subjects of nature based living, learning and what indeed would happen if the internet was turned off.

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David Hollands

David Hollands

David Hollands is the founder of Above and Beyond Normal Ltd

His goals are to commercialize unique rural education and community style centers around Europe.

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