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Hi, I’m Nina Dar, Change Expert, Business Coach, Founder of Cheeky Monkey Business Solutions and author of Transform Your Business in 99 Steps.

I am fantastic at delivering change, which is personally rubbish when what I really wanted to be was a football commentator, surfer and snowboarder...

Good for all these businesses though because my track record delivering change is infinitely better than on the sea or slopes and my business expertise better than my understanding of the offside rule.

If you strive to bring out the best in all your employees, run a company that values its people above everything else, understand that you can’t change without measuring the human impact of that change, then let’s talk.

I can help, either by being an extension of your team, providing consultancy or coaching; all you have to do is contact me so we can talk more about what you want to achieve and why.

I have added millions, saved millions, challenged, disrupted, made people laugh and cry, love their job more or find one they do love, worked with massive global companies right through to small local entrepreneurs. From construction projects stopping in Asia so we could move an ant nest to being given the highest compliment in Africa – “Nina you are a man” – my experience is broad and my difference is The Human Approach.

I’ve worked with massive global companies right through to small local entrepreneurs.

Achievements that span 20 years, working in all these areas makes my expertise pretty unique, it’s why I can help your vision and join the dots with speed. On this site I’m sharing my stories with you. It’s for everyone that is looking to change or is responsible for delivering change. 
Wherever you are in the world, let’s have a chat, take advantage of the free chemistry session, you’ve got nothing to lose, everything to gain. 

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