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Human Approach Social Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Social Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

As small businesses develop and grow into big businesses, the ability to maintain the social intimacy of a small business becomes much harder. Having a social approach with PLM can shorten the distances between everyone in the company. We just have to take a leaf from social media's book to make it happen. 

Disruption Cryptocurrency, Blockchains and Alpaca Socks

Cryptocurrency, Blockchains and Alpaca Socks

As our technological advances leap ahead and new forms of encrypted digital currency are invented I wonder if that same technology could be used to keep checks on all the questionable outsourcing that is going on out there. Surely this would lead to real responsible business practice.

Disruption Understanding Life Cycles is Naturally Sustainable

Understanding Life Cycles is Naturally Sustainable

Life cycles are real things. All living things have them. We are born, we live and we die. It is strange then that in the world of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) projects, people rarely mention the actual life cycle of the products or of everything else connected to the products.

Human Approach Choosing a Programme Manager

Choosing a Programme Manager

Choosing a Programme Manager is all about finding someone with the right experience who is capable of leading and managing all the elements – just having the the right technical IT skills simply won't be enough.

Human Approach Choosing a Project Manager

Choosing a Project Manager

Project managers need a definite skill set to do the job properly. And more importanly they need the right kind of personality traits. Just having the right skills isn't enough to be able to manage the team they've bulit. Oh, and they need to know how to smile, naturally!

Fan Of Where will being a fan take you?

Where will being a fan take you?

Being a fan of something, be it a football team, an actor, a band or just about anything, is to have a deep emotional involvement with the subject of that fandom. lt makes us feel part of that particular tribe of devotees. It can even help you in your professional and person life!

Psychology Project Management and Burnout

Project Management and Burnout

You're working on a big project, you're giving it all you've got, literally, and then it happens – you get BURNOUT! It is that time when you've expended all the energy you can and you have nothing left to give. It can make you ill but there are ways you can avoid it.


RBS Turning Workplaces into Fanbases

I was invited to talk at two RBS regional conferences about turning workplaces into fanbases. RBS were preparing for their re-brand to Williams & Glynn amidst constant negativity in the press and a high level of uncertainty. This was a light-hearted look at how being a fan can make a big difference.

Inspiration Supply Chain Management needs to lead the big changes

Supply Chain Management needs to lead the big changes

When the biggest of the big businesses and the world's super rich got together to talk about sustainable capitalism there were some great ideas bandied about on corporate responsibility and the need for transparency all the way up and down the line. That line is basically the supply chain and it should be scrutinised at every link.

Human Approach Create a Buzz around Internal Communications

Create a Buzz around Internal Communications

Who are the most important people in your company, the customers or the employees? Who should be the most important people to a company? Companies go to great lengths to communicate ideas to their consumers but shouldn't they put the same effort into talking to their own people on the inside?

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